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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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well. technology innovation. developments the around russia we've got this huge earth covered. with. another major a document drop by wiki leaks and against mit locked out of what exactly is going on and guantanamo bay procedure manuals to detainee files will sort through them but a former guantanamo bay official. and more than a month after a deadly siege in the u.s. consulate a breakthrough in the benghazi attack one suspects arrested another reportedly killed we'll bring you the latest. and if you're still undecided on who to vote for this coming election or if you are questioning the two party system in general stick around artie has
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a big announcement coming up. it's thursday october twenty fifth eight pm you're in washington d.c. i am liz wahl and you're watching our city. we begin today with a new batch of documents just released by the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks the documents published today are the first of what it claims are over one hundred to be made public the files detainment detail military detention policies in guantanamo bay and iraq among other military prisons around the world and the press release wiki leaks founder julian assange says quote the detainee policy is show the anatomy of the beast that is post nine eleven detention the carving out of a dark space where law and rights do not apply where persons can be detained without a trace at the convenience of the us department of defense it shows the excesses of the early days of the war against an unknown enemy and how these policies mature
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and evolved ultimately deriving into the permanent state of exception that the united states now finds itself in a decade later. the military prisons assan says he's shedding a light on have been shrouded in secrecy since they were created after nine eleven and there isn't much we know about what really does go on there but we do know at least some prisoners have access to these amenities and here you see that some of the detainees have access to recreational activities like soccer and earlier this year we learned that the prison built a brand new soccer field for the detainees for about seven hundred fifty thousand dollars in some detainees are also allowed to watch television and movies for small amounts of time one of the preferred shows apparently is fresh prince of bel-air that's according to reports from the miami herald and one of the medium security camps even has a ping pong table although this picture was taken
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a few years ago but human rights activists say get mail is anything but an adult playground they say it's had these prisons where suspects are interrogated and tortured without normal legal protections for more i was joined by retired colonel morris davis a professor at howard university school of live first asked him what he expects to be revealed from these documents. probably not a lot of sun said these are documents on procedures that were followed and they don't really shed any direct light on specific cases so i think the public will see some of the process the mundane things like the operating procedure for the detention facility where it specifies how many pair of socks the detainees can have in in their cells so i don't expect going to be a big bombshells in these documents ok you know human rights activists for years now have been saying that's human rights violations take place there especially referencing to the alleged torture that goes on there do you expect any of those
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details to be revealed at all i don't expect there will be again i think these are mainly procedural documents and they're not case specific but you know it's always interesting there with wiki leaks if you recall back when you know the documents first came to light and they announced they were going to be publishing them was killing the y2k thing where all of this kind of you know gritting their teeth and bear down expecting the worst and it kind of came and went and not much happened i think the wiki leaks documents have been kind of the same way everybody expected this cataclysmic event and least when i came in the world was still turning outside and everything seems to be going on is not right that makes me wonder because it's been over four months now i think that drilling and not just been holed up at the ecuadorian embassy and you know a lot of his critics say that he has put the country's americans lives at risk but as you say. it's not really the case there's julian a silencer is bradley manning you know he's been held in military confinement and facing court martial yet the case is week of john kiriakou the cia agent so it
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seems like we're more afraid of information than we are the actual acts you know you talk about torture you go to prison if you commit torture or you get a book deal and you become a hero. interesting. comparison there in this wiki leaks statement the organization urges people to look into the. to find what it calls policies of on accountability what policies do you suspect he's referring to i imagine is dealing with how the detainees were processed into the military detention system so as a member prior to nine eleven it's not like we had a qadri of interrogators and detainees confinement facilities this is kind of made up as it went along and you know most of these documents i believe the first policies were published in the late summer early fall of two thousand and two they were predicated on the documents it came earlier you know the memos that john yoo
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and jay bybee wrote that donald rumsfeld later signed off on those were kind of the foundational documents that eventually led to these formal military policies so it was those people who said the geneva conventions were quite and don't apply that the gloves were off the p.o.w. status doesn't apply i mean that was the foundation on which these documents were based. to get into with something more specific that it is supposed to be released and if document this document dump as it's called it says that one of them is concerned with discreetly disappearing detainee is into the custody of other u.s. government agencies while keeping their names out of u.s. military central records by systematically holding off from assigning a prisoner a record number so the way to conceal their identity is i guess to what extent do you think this goes on i don't my belief is it didn't go on today i think it did at
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a point in time back in late two thousand and one two thousand and two a particular news as we well know there were the fourteen high value detainees that were in cia custody that work assigned detainees numbers that the red cross what an allowed to visit you know one of the champions of creating the geneva conventions after world war two and it was. most on having an organization like the red cross to come in and meet with detainees that their families know that they're there are safe and they're alive in to monitor their conditions and you know we for a period time deliberately did people to avoid that process that we helped create and actually these documents are from the bush era administration so do you think they were carried over some of these policies and procedures that are outlined in these documents of work carried over in the obama administration i suspect they were again i haven't been on wiki leaks and look at the documents what my understanding from what i read is there are documents that date back to late two
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thousand and two two thousand and three two thousand and four that time period in my belief is that a lot of those same policies still continue even though president obama said he was going to close guantanamo and now i guess on jon stewart's show the other night he said he still wants to close guantanamo so maybe at some point this will become unnecessary but right and he made that that val in the beginning of his they his first term he is making that promise again as you said on the show do you believe it this time around i mean the point you know president bush made said fool me once shame on you fool me twice and he kind of screwed it up from there but the principle is you know i'll believe it when i see it and he certainly said the right things but he said it before so when it happens i'll believe it but you know guantanamo still going strong they're supposed to have had a military commission proceedings this week in the case though in a series of the cole bomber and for the second time in two months mother nature
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intervened in hurricane sandy. blocked the proceedings all the people are coming back from guantanamo without having accomplished a lot this week all right looking at the numbers since president bush set up on tunnel day after nine eleven seven hundred seventy nine men have been held there today or at least as of mid september one hundred in sick. sixty seven remain what do you think it's looking like for that well a majority of that group are people that this administration you know through there's the cia department of defense the f.b.i. department of justice have looked at and said we don't intend to charge him with don't believe they are present an imminent threat we don't want to keep him would like to get rid of him so what are they still doing there is there they're being held because of their nationality most of that group are humanities and is the majority of the detainees population and i don't think the general public here recognizes that most of the people we have a guantanamo are people that the government says we don't want but most of the you
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many citizens and after the you know the underwear bomber incident that he was trained in yemen the pipeline back to yemen stopped and so we've got people that are spent more than a decade in some cases in confinement solely because of their citizenship not because of anything that they did and without due process right well it's not a lot of due process when you've been sitting there for years because you happen to be a citizen of yemen. really interesting and thank you so much for your insight on this that was retired colonel morris davis a professor at howard university school of law. we are going to take a quick break but coming up forty four days after the attack that left four americans diplomats dead the details surrounding that fateful night scene vans are still murky and now one of the suspected ringleaders of the attack has been detained while the u.s. finally get some answers about what exactly happened that night that story next.
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i will be buying all that i also promised that i'd buy every single day for. over. my own. a more controversy surrounding the government's handling of the attack in libya according to one senior republican senator a terrorist suspect has been identified but the u.s. has been blocked from accessing him. we don't know very much about him because we have not been able to have access to him and that's one of the problems with the policy of this administration we the turks did take possession of him but they weren't prepared to let us have any access and didn't and now that they turn him
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over to the tunisians hold maybe eventually we will but at this point in time we've not had access. reports say that the suspect was arrested in turkey and then handed over to that's unusual government which is now cooperating with u.s. officials at the moment the f.b.i. is now reportedly in talks with the tunisian government to get al ianni all harzi transferred to guantanamo bay for more on this i was joined earlier by former cia analyst ray mcgovern i asked them if he thinks republicans finger pointing at the obama administration over its handling of the attacks is justified i think the the attacks reflect the poverty of discussion with respect to real differences between romney and obama as a paralegal just but everything else and so they're really really reaching you know first they reached because they said that obama and the the people in our representatives in libya had apologized for what he was policy and then when that
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didn't turn out to be right as with the cairo demonstration it turned out to be something quite different then they had to dig and it looks like they're looking at new e-mails and new things and the whole the whole concept that what's really at stake here is being missed. now you know i was really gratified to know that hillary clinton our secretary of state sometimes watches our programs here at archie really you know she said she does that when she's traveling in particular because she finds very thin cruel in the networks and the cable channels here in this country you know the thing that i think that is it so hard like to you know if she's watching tonight i just like teller that you know i gree we understand that she can't protect all her diplomats but the question really is not having still more security question is why we face this incredible threat of people who want to
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do us harm and number two have the weapons with which to do that now you may recall two weeks ago i was on this program and it was the actually you were covering it there ed there were hearings the isa hearings first congressional hearing what do you remember what their store witnessed eric nordstrom the regional security officer for the department of state fourteen years of experience what he said they were making him pay out of the fact that you know he turned down to the state department turned down these requests for additional security and he punctured that balloon by simply say i wrote an article for a consortium news when i got home that night and this is what nordstrom said having an extra foot of wall or an extra half dozen guards or agents would not have enabled us to respond to this attack quote the ferocity and intensity of the attack . it was nothing that we had seen in libya or nothing that i had seen in my entire
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time in the state diplomatic security service so the question is hollow what's different so if hillary clinton wants to fix this problem madam secretary if you're listening is a very simple solution number one you don't attack countries from the air with bombers or drones number two you don't kick down people's doors. number three you don't overthrow governments and number four you're attentive to what happens in these countries you know you you you want to make sure that you have a plan for what happens after you destroy the country now you can remove gadhafi you know but there's a lot of reason because of the vagueness that and you have to know who's going to take over and if those people have between ten thousand and twenty thousand. air to surface missiles then they have or p g's rocket propelled grenades as well and
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that's what these embassies and consulates are going to have to contend with so the way she's going to miss madam secretary the way you prevent these diplomats from being killed is you end these very very dumb wars which eliminate the the the people that populate these countries and the only the only outlet they have is to strike against our diplomats whoever else they see this american in those countries now i'm after as you just pointed to after that gadhafi was overthrown there was a situation and libya was very unstable very volatile and you know there's a lot of political back and forth right now over whether or not. president obama referred it to whoever perpetrated the attacks as terrorists you know in the last debate mitt romney attacked him for not calling them terrorists off the bat of course he asserts that he did from the very beginning and there is it seems like
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there is some question as to how. behind that word terrorist that says that of whether or not they i how and to what extent they are affiliated with al qaeda this is a homegrown group how closely affiliated are day well i don't know and i don't think anybody knows ok that's the problem when you get involved in a country like this militarily you should have some sort of knowledge as to who's who. now this descript answer all shari'a the the celebrated e-mail referred to simply because there was a facebook entry saying they did it ok well they they said they didn't do it and here we have a fellow named aaron zelin from from winnipeg that's to washington this is to feed new east policy which is really issue an offshoot of the israel lobby established by the israel lobby. you know no no didn't do it so you have even the right. holes
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in that and the question that i'm trying to get at here is is that this is the policy it's not the lack of security and never in my experience and i've had a lot more experience in the fourteen years that the regional security officer never in my experience has there been enough as many grievances in muslim countries in particular for reasons that we don't really have virtue and that was former cia analyst ray mcgovern. oh we have an exciting announcement this evening from our t.v. . we both agree we agree we have to bring the tax rates down the same as the president did governor romney i'm glad. you agree with let's go back to something the president agreed and there to be. oversight over choice so you wonder who to vote for when romney and obama agree on so many things never you do have other options come november sixth tune in to see the second round of debates between the major third party candidates on october thirtieth. that
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is right our team will be hosting the second third party debate next week on tuesday the barges offense will be a libertarian candidate gary johnson and green party candidate jill stein r t was one of the only news outlets to air the first third party debate in full on tuesday now we're hosting the second round this time the focus is on foreign policy are you producer on your own at the set i joined me earlier to tell us what to expect. it'll be just on foreign policy and you'll likely see something completely different than you know what you saw back this monday during the you know republican democratic presidential debate you will likely see several issues that weren't touched there anything from drones troop withdrawal n.d.a. well those were touched upon but not any sort of difference so patriot act military
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industrial complex guantanamo bay all of these things that a lot of people care about you you'll probably hear about that all about that next tuesday all right a little bit of a change or kind of a big change last time there were four podiums this time it's down to two how did that work out this two three equal elections. decided that they would have sort of a runoff so like a little pre-vote to the debate so only the top vote getters would get to the second round so second round will be just you know gary johnson and jill stein so just you know that faceoff would to be very very interesting to watch or and i know that if we kind of took our own official poll in the office and those were the two winners and i don't i don't really write where i do that right now all right so based on the first debate it seems like there is a lot of interest just based on the feedback and the response and all it was all right and positive and you know it is to be said that you know it's sort of
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a new brainer to have it here at r.t. just because you know just you know you have to look at the things that we cover which are pretty much the things that are not seen in the mainstream the things that people care about everything from privacy to a nuanced approach to foreign policy all of these things and it just makes sense so i think everyone here is very very excited i know i am i'm sure you are too so we're very much looking forward to this it's going to be it's going to be good and i hope everyone. susan just like they did last time around to you know really check it out all right so foreign policy is the issue is the focus this time on them is domestic policy do you think that'll make it in there not only in if it does which are likely won't it only be i think in terms of you know reducing either i think military or military does or a complex we'll talk about spending likely that's something that you know gary johnson and jill stein both agree on but fundamentally because of different issues
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one because one of the past the other one one scott permits out of. you know spending cuts as much as possible so it's very very interesting though both have very different ways of getting to that same goal so it will be very interesting to watch also. you'll see these candidates of very much disagree with the status quo something that you will not see anywhere else so i encourage everyone to be able to come in and watch right when we are just two weeks now away from the election and get down to the wire residential and i go after the you know. at this point. neither of these candidates are likely to you know they're not part of the third or the third party over those that are why should people tune in why is it important to tune in and hear what they have to say and it's important to to watch and see just
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a different point of view even though there have been even hints of that on the mainstream media channels there were some people that did cover it obviously after the fact not the same day as we did and did say hey these are actual all these arguments all these things they have the liberty to them they are valid arguments that aren't necessarily discussed not because they shouldn't be just because they're a little unpopular and at the end of the day all of these things have to make it in some way shape or form in. into the national conversation into the national narrative and that's a reason to come and watch even if you don't plan on voting third party even if you live in a battleground state and you are hellbent on you know making you know voting either republican or democrat you still need to tune in still need to watch just so you can see just a difference of opinion and maybe some how all these things might make it to the mainstream maybe not this election cycle maybe the next maybe coming up who knows there's a lot of debate as to whether or not a vote on one of these candidates
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a third party candidate would be a wasted vote but whether or not however you look at it they bring up a lot of very important points that aren't brought up in the main presidential debate so i'm definitely worth watching absolutely come watch here hear that out in the water but i'm very excited right dayana exciting i know i'm looking forward to next to this gonna be a long day but all the good it is only well worth it and i'm looking forward to it that was our t.v. producer adriano sero. meanwhile many are now saying that the next war the u.s. fights will be on the internet from hackers to a computer virus cyber attacks are already happening the only around the globe sees a marine a point i had to look at the future cyber weapons the u.s. is developing. america's military invasions interventions and targeted attacks have traditionally been deployed on the battlefield yet today a significant shift in technology has created
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a brand new terrain for warfare the internet which most people use for communication research and entertainment is being dubbed the battlefield of the future in an era of hackers and viruses computers are something of a weapon in the emerging world of cyber war a virtual world where military strikes are invisible and everyone online remains vulnerable earlier this month u.s. defense secretary leon panetta warned that america faces the possibility of a cyber pearl harbor if online security isn't sharing things the even greater danger facing us in cyberspace goes beyond crime and it goes beyond harassment. cyber attacks. perpetrated by nation states or violent extremist groups could be as destructive as
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the cherished attack on nine eleven while the pentagon is looking to expand washington's ability to respond to cyber attacks. it's also developing procedures that allow frontline troops to have a new generation of cyber weapons at their fingertips in the army's cyber effects request format otherwise known as surf is a system that allows combatants to request cyber fire operations from the u.s. cyber command some operations could include infiltrating an unclassified network inside of a ground force headquarters to disrupt their communications what the military is trying to do now is to embed computer experts when you're dealing for example with counterinsurgency you want people who know how to do forensic work on a laptop if you capture somebody how to dump his cell phone how to prevent your mini drone your backpack joan from being interfered with i mean nearly everything
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even down to the to the squad level on the part platoon level is starting to have hacker encounter hacker issues but it's not only tactical implementation that the u.s. is looking at allegations have emerged that washington has already launched its first offensive strike in two thousand and ten the first weapon to be made entirely out of crude targeted he runs a nuclear program a computer virus known as stuxnet infected to iran's enrichment facilities with the capability to turn up the pressure inside iran's nuclear reactors want switch off the oil pipelines and tell the system operators that everything was normal the attack destroyed nearly one thousand of iran's six thousand centrifuges according to reports the virus was a joint collaboration between the us and israel more destructive things experts however warned that was. growing involvement in cyber warfare could come back to haunt the us it's a double edged sword what you use against your enemy is of eventually going to work
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its way back to you everybody's looking for deniability if you so and then start a flame or any of the other variants it's than they can prove who did it or how you did it you can just say you were really shocked this is happening. the soft power dimension to new u.s. policies in the digital world is reflected in its desire to win hearts and minds of the online community last year the u.s. spent nearly twenty million dollars to help foreign citizens access online material and social media meanwhile the u.s. government is working hard to spy on internet communications not just on its own citizens but foreign nationals as well america's largest overseas eavesdropping base is in britain and the top secret facility carries out a whole range of military diplomatic and commercial surveillance the beginning of a new global battlefield where viruses replace drones and how hers may be calm some of the highest ranked.


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